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Regal Rose

I love the this set, but when I got it, all my ideas seemed rather lame. I think I need to work with it lots more to really get a feel for how to use it. I do like a monochromatic look, and I like the way the shimmery white looks for the rose, hopefully you can see it in the photo. I also think I need the big Shot since I’ve seen so many great ideas with this set and that die!

What do you think?


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  1. This is really pretty. Love how you used the rose in the background.
    I just got this and have been messin with it all night and am having the same problem…..can’t come up with anything I like, but have been looking at gorgeous stuff made with it for weeks!! Puttin it all away and will look at it tomorrow.

  2. Yes, you need a Big Shot! Everyone does. Tee Hee! But this is a lovely card. Love the ribbon and the shimmery flower.

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