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oh my goodness i *heart* how this turned out! way better than expected. I bought this silver framed mirror at fields (like big lots i think) for $2. i first took off the back and took the mirror out then i painted it with a few coats white acrylic paint. once dry i sanded the raised edges for a shabby chic look. then i took the mirror and cleaned it really well with windex. make sure its completely dry and use a facecloth or hand towel to hold so you dont smudge it. then stamp your image in versa mark and use white EP to emboss! but you must hold it with a towel or lay it oon your desk since the glass does get hot. make sure it gets evenly heated. after it has cooled decorate you frame, i added ribbons, then carefully but your glass and back, back in. check to make sure the glass is still clean. also you can use windex with embosses images just CAREFULLY clean it. have fun!

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Spider Pig card Circa 2007 :p