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Aug 2, 2015
Feb 21, 2009
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fingers inky girl

Drug Dealing Stamper/Professor

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Aug 2, 2015
      HELLO, I THINK I DID SOMETHING WRONG...I've entered the info, but I'm not sure if i am doing it right because when I hit the "Join Group" button it says that it's not a public area. Please Help! My info.
      Thank You
      Eliza V. Alvarado
      Tucson, Az 85746
    2. Chanda
      I sent a request for the Stampin' Up! demo side of the board and I did not give the necessary info: my name is Chanda Cooney, I live in Mansfield OH and my demo number is 2090051. Thank-you! Chanda
    3. Rose Druiett
      Rose Druiett
      I just tried to join the demonstrator group but did not put the correct info in the box and can't figure out how to change it. Can you help me out? I just joined Stampin up. My name is Rose Druiett From Sarnia Ontario Canada.
    4. springstamper
      '''''''sorry trying to join SU demo group and trying to follow the instructions but cannot seem to get a solution. Cannot find the group under the networking. Thanks for your help.
    5. foofa5

      I think I've tried a couple of times to join the SU Demo forum, I've entered the info, but I'm not sure if it's come through to you, because when I hit the "Join Group" button it says that it's not a public area. I've entered my name, demo #, etc. I'm also putting the requested info here, just in case I did something to mess up!! Thanks!!

      Debbie Pierce

      Debbie Pierce
      Portland, ME 04103
      Stampin' Up! demonstrator site and online sto
      Stampin' Connection
    6. wcstamper
      Hi, I am also trying to join the demo group. I have had all the same problems everyone else has listed. Can you please explain how to join. :confused: Thank you

      Wendy Cox
      Fairfax, IA
    7. Tina D.
      Tina D.
      Hi, it looks like I'm not the only one that missed the spot to enter your name and demo ID number, lol.

      My name is Tina Dyck (I'm still Tina Dyck Froese on file with SU!)
      7 Poplar Place
      Mitchell, MB

      My DBWS Link

      Let me know if you need anything else, sorry for the hassle!
    8. CISchroed
      I was just trying to sign up for the demo group and accidently pushed send before I had all of my info in the form. I will try here:

      Cheryl Schroeder
      3251 Garretson Ave
      Sioux City, IA 51106
      I do now have a web site but am in the demo locator. Thanks!
    9. linclen
      would like to join SU demo group - but can't get the form to input my info - ??
    10. monks wife
      monks wife
      the join a group page refers to a form on next page - I can't find the next page
    11. Darline
      Not having any success joining the demo group. Keep getting a message that says "this does not appear to be a public group" Thats it. Can't go anywhere from there.
    12. LisaMNaples
      Hi - I need to change the month cited for my birthday - I thought I selected July, but apparently I selected June. Thankyou
    13. stamper_jamie
      Can you tell me how I find what my member number is, please?
    14. stampingkelly
      Hi, I'm sorry to bother you but I made a mistake when entering my birthdate - I put April 20 when I meant April 21. I didn't check well, obviously. I see that it said I had to contact an administrator to change. Can you help, when you have time? Thanks.
    15. LittlePinkBuckaroo
      How do I join the demo group?
    16. buffyinva
      Wow - we ALL hit the button too soon. I'm buffyinva - Elizabeth Cooper, Winchester, VA, also wanting to join the demo forum. Thanks!!
    17. mommie2quads
      I hit the Enter button too soon, I was trying the join the Demonstrator Only forums. My name is Earleen McDaniel of Florissant, Missouri (MO). Please allow me to join. Thanks
    18. Emily
      Yikes! I hit enter too soon! I would like to join the Demo Forum. My name is Emily Bradley and I'm from Franklin, IN. Thanks!
    19. FrogStamps
      Hi, Lisa! I would like to join the Demo Forum. My name is Linda Flemming, Janesville, Minnesota. Thanks so much! Linda
    20. Karina
      I'm getting the same message as the others. Where do I submit my name and city? It's Karen Tenney, Port Townsend, WA and I am a SU demo.
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    finger's inky girl
    I'm a SU! demo who loves to stamp but I have to work as a pharmacist to support my hobby!